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Let us know If you have a front/garage door keypad or if you hide a key. We are a security facility and will only give that information out to first responders.
Otherwise, we suggest purchasing a lock box online or from us.

Amazon sells lock boxes. (Disclaimer: We have no affiliation nor do we guarantee the quality or results of this product)

The OneTouch is perfect for may situations:

You can use it in potential emergency situations:

You slipped and fell on the stairs.
You have strange symptoms and are unsure what to do.
You’re having trouble breathing.

General aid or cautious situations:

You think that there may be an intruder in your house.
You’re lost while driving.
You’ve locked yourself out of the house.

It can also be used by the guardian for many purposes:

A parent can know where their child is at all times
A child can keep track of an elderly parent
An employer can track his employees
An owner can find his pet

With a simple press of the Call Button, you’re connected, via the nation’s largest cellular network, to a highly-trained Agent. That agent can aid in many situations such as contacting emergency services or family members, providing directions when you’re lost, or staying on the phone with you while you’re in an uncertain situation.

Yes! All our plans include service in Canada. You can also use your phone to call numbers in Canada from US, at no extra cost!

Service in Canada will work as it does in the US with unlimited talk, text and data. High-speed data in Canada will be capped at 5GB. After 5GB of high-speed data is used (or your high-speed data allotment is reached, whichever comes first), you will stay connected with unlimited data at up to 128kbps (or 256kbps with TeltikOne Plus).

The OnePlus International plans, on voice lines and tablets, will have unlimited 4G LTE with no cap.

There are two methods of ordering the OneTouch:

1. You can purchase the device right here from our site:
From the home page, click Order Now, choose the option " I need a device", enter your info, set up your payment preferences, and you're
good to go!

2. You can also purchase the device from Amazon:.
Once you receive the device in the mail, you will come to this site, click "Order Now", choose the option "I have a device", enter your info, set
up your payment preferences, and you're good to go!

First, log in to your account using your email address and password, then click "Make Payment" on the left. When you process a payment, the credit card that you used when service was initially established, or the last credit card that was used on the account will get charged. You can also update the credit card on file by clicking "Edit Billing Preferences" and entering it there.

Avoid having to manually login and make a payment, or interruption of service due to late payment, by using our "AutoPay" feature on the billing preferences page, and the monthly payment will be pulled each month automatically.


No activation fees, cancellations fees, random fees - nothing!

You buy your device for $50, and pay $19 a month to be all in!

NO! There is NO LONG TERM CONTRACT and only pre-pay for 30 days. YOU ARE FREE TO CANCEL ANYTIME! However, if you cancel mid-month, there are no prorated refunds.